• Transform “dumb” documents into auditable assets.

  • Make finding/grouping documents easier.

  • Connect documents to assets in the model.

Provides the missing link between models and related documents/digital records.

The H&S/ O&Ms files form part of the “Digital Records” that are required to manage buildings safely. However, knowing which folder contains a given document, what it was called – or whether it was provided at all is a common challenge.

Which work package included the external fire doors?

Activeplan’s Smart Documents functionality allows the operations team to “tag” documents, drawings, schedules, and photos that are in various folders, so they can be grouped, searched and easily retrieved in many different ways.

They can also be assigned to any elements in the model – building, floor, space, system, asset type, asset, and product, so a user needing to check if there are any risks, or confirm a certificate has been provided, can easily do so.

In this way, the asset/operations team become a very active part of the Golden Thread process – validating that they have received what they should, and then keeping it current.