How we “activate” your asset data

Activeplan is BIM – but different

ActivePlan provides technology, expertise and services that help asset and FM managers fulfil their operational, contractual and statutory commitments for asset information management in general and, more specifically, provide a Digital Record of what is installed in each building and how it was maintained.

For existing buildings, our experts transform record drawings and documents into an interactive spatial data model that enables asset teams to manage their buildings.

For new-builds, the asset database is connected to Revit or IFC models from Day 1.

We have libraries of standardized data, created by subject matter experts.

Standardized data enables automated interoperation between applications

Why Choose ActivePlan

Normally, BIM models, CAD, Excel, COBie files, O&Ms and documents are separate, disconnected silos of information.

Activeplan transforms them into a “single version of the truth” that is simple to keep updated.

Activeplan is BIM – but different.

Different people create their own views of different information for different purposes. New build or existing, 3D or 2D.

The practical way of delivering the elusive Golden Thread

Spatial data model

Spaces defined in BIM and CAD plans become interactive objects – what and where they are.

Assets are also intelligent or smart – which smoke vent is protecting which spaces?

Mobiles get a simple key plan that shows the asset & space in the context of the floor.

Assets connect to a product library which can automatically validate suppliers’ data against what information was required and record where it was installed. 360 photos made smart by active connection to the verified asset data.

FMs create “active” plans of the assets, spaces and systems.

FMs are no longer reliant on the way the construction team structured their models & schedules.

Building Safety Case Asset Information Model

Compliance with the new regulations means that all safety critical assets must be compliant.

However, the Regulator needs more than the digital record that individual assets are compliant. The Responsible person must demonstrate that people in spaces will be protected by the assets and systems by presenting the evidence in the context of addressing hazards with measures (or Treatments in HSE-speak) that mitigate risks.

Activeplan addresses this by developing a way of presenting the safety case in a form that is easier for the Regulator, and other stakeholders, to understand.

This example shows how a Safety Case report can be enhanced and turned into an Asset Information Model that presents the Regulator (and other stakeholders like tenants) with an interactive Digital Twin to better understand the how the measures will protect tenants

Digital Asset Verification

In PFI/PPP, asset teams are liable for both the physical and digital assets so use Activeplan to validate the data they receive and verify that the assets were actually installed.


  • helps validate and verify the as-installed BIM data models, schedules and O&Ms.

  • provides the baseline to manage variations and future change.

  • ensures all the spaces “available” i.e., performing as they should to support the function the owners expect.

  • voids penalties by creating a Digital Record of decision-making and assets.

  • reduces the tendency to transfer, rather than manage, risk – both safety and financial.

Helps deliver the Golden Thread

Standardised data libraries that can be QA’d and reused many times.

Project specific set of machine-readable information requirements that can be automatically audited.

Product data library that automatically checks product data.

Plugins for Revit and AutoCAD to record what was placed, and where.

Photographic records of the installation to create the Digital Record that is easily updated and searched.

Activeplan weaves a Golden Thread of Data through every stage of the design and construction process into asset management.

The Golden Thread Building Blocks

We worked with leading organisations to create standardised data libraries based on international and UK standards.

This standardisation of data means any application used by clients or the supply chain members can connect to Activeplan via data services.

We helped establish a 500+ community of experts in the many different aspects of Fire and Building Safety, enabling them to share knowledge and expertise.

They are helping us understand what data we need to capture and how to make in available to the right people to build the Golden Thread.

Digital Record of Change management

Change control is critical to the Golden Thread and achieving zero defects. Activeplan makes the change management process smarter.

A data key connects the requirements to the products and supports the contractor’s technical submittal processes which are probably managed in their project CDEs.

Product information can pass into the contractor’s procurement system, helping their commercial teams and those managing Logistics, Installation and Commissioning.

Automated recording of what products were installed and commissioned in the new building – a Golden Thread

One asset – different views

Activeplan holds the geometry in the CAD system and the data in proper databases.

Different stakeholders are presented with different information about the same asset types.

It supports common, shared object-data Libraries.

Activeplan enables non-geometric BIM data to be held and managed in proper database, managed via cloud services.

Data about the door is held as a single object and then connected to the different applications via APIs. Attribute data is therefore all standardised and easily updated.

Activeplan removes the silos.

Digital Asset Capture (DAC) in Schools

The implementation of Activeplan’s digital asset capture (DAC) within an information model will address the need for a cost-effective method of recording and maintaining assets. DAC integrates floor plans, 360 photos, and asset lists, providing a unified platform for asset management experts to contribute their knowledge.