Activeplan Platform

A suite of applications that create and manage machine readable data throughout the whole building life cycle.


  • Create standardised, machine-readable attributes that comply with Standards

  • Improve the quality/consistency of attribute information by means of a data dictionary

  • Eliminate error and miscommunication of asset data by internal and external collaborators

  • Create standardized data templates for facilities, spaces, systems and assets

  • Enable experts to collaborate and share expertise to arrive at optimized data sets for any asset type

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Asset Information Requirements

  • Creates explicit, auditable information requirements that are machine-readable

  • Comes pre-built with a collection of asset types that we’d expect may be installed, along with their Uniclass reference.

  • Can switch off any attributes not required for this project

  • Enables required attributes and documents to be automatically validated.

  • Produces work package specific information requirements and the work stage at which we expect it.

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  • Automated validation of COBie and project-specific information requirements

  • Enable supply chain to self-test data prior to submission

  • Reduce risk of incomplete/missing information

  • Avoid risk-transfer by more transparent information

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Product Library Network

  • Provides owners/operators with auditable and searchable information on installed products

  • It simplifies and reduce the cost of producing O&M data and the Digital Record

  • It improves the procurement process, transforming manual work into a digital process

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Project Information Models

Activeplan’s PIM is a Cloud database that really delivers a complete asset information model that automates the production of:

  • A fully coordinated 3D BIM, validated COBie asset data and key documents

  • a Digital Record/O&M that is easily updated

  • outputs to/integration with other asset management applications

  • a fully coordinated PDF-based document.

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Asset Information Models

Activeplan’s AIM is a digital model of the facility, built from existing O&M/record data and added to with models, drawings, schedules and COBie files and makes it easier to keep them updated.

Activeplan’s AIM is a Cloud database that automates:

  • The production of coordinated Asset Information

  • Integration with other asset management applications

  • The management of the Digital Record/O&M, performance reporting and compliance.

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Technical Standards Library

The Technical Standards Library provides Asset Managers with a means of managing and coordinating all data in their many different software applications and different projects.

  • Create and manage data libraries of standardised tasks and procedures inc required competency

  • Map tasks to asset types and systems to populate work instruction applications

  • Inform the Digital Record with explicit detail

  • Join-up investment in repairs, maintenance and investment in lifecycle replacement

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