Product Library Network

The Product Library is an important building block in the Golden Thread, because it provides a line of sight between the product manufacturer, the installer and the asset owner/manager.

The Product Library enables clients and contractors to know what has been installed, and where.

The Product Library can be created by:

  • the client, with their preferred products that have performed well on other schemes

  • designers, who have researched the market to find products that satisfy their specifications

  • main contractors, who want to be confident they know what is being installed

  • manufacturers who want their products to be used

  • specialist subcontractors who need to deliver O&M records.


Once the data for a manufactured product is added to the Product Library, it can be reused many times on many different projects. Aside from reducing an enormous amount of repeat work, the information about the product can be quality-assured and even controlled by the manufacturer.

The Product Library Network standardises the way product data is provided by different manufacturers, which it holds in reusable libraries. This makes the product information machine-readable and useable by different software applications. Photos, data sheets and other product documentation such as declarations of performance and environmental product declarations can also be stored in the Product Library.

This data management system also records product use on projects, providing traceability in Project and Asset Information Models.

  • Use in specification, cost modelling, procurement, commissioning and operations

  • Use in cross-project queries where tracing which buildings contain a product is important

  • Standardised product data simplifies the creation and management of Digital O&Ms

  • Saves contractor’s time and improves quality