Technical Standards Library & Procedure Planner

These libraries enable tasks and procedures to be created, managed and applied to many different assets and systems.

This is an optional upgrade to the AIM library management platform, to support Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) and lifecycle forecasting. It manages a master library of asset types and a related task list for maintenance, commissioning and risk management. It also holds the competency needed to undertake specific tasks and how long they will take.

  • Enables the project/asset team to plan required resources

  • It can be tailored to reflect required corporate work instructions

  • It can populate contractor’s maintenance management applications

  • Provides auditable evidence

  • Enables the refining of processes to reduce waste and improve productivity

Using check lists and standardised procedures is possibly the easiest way of, not only, demonstrating compliance, but also of passing knowledge from experienced people to those still learning. The procedure planner is designed to manage libraries of asset types and systems and inspection/maintenance procedures. These procedures include detailed task lists, with competencies against each, that can be modified and stored as versions. These can be mapped against the asset type and system libraries and applied to a project to estimate the time and levels of resource required to meet commitments in a programme.

Main Contractors could use this to create installation and commissioning procedures to ensure they have records of what was done on which project. It could also help inform resource planning to meet a completion date.