Project Description

Fredrick Chancellor Building – Genesis Housing Association commissioned David Miller Architects to create a BIM model of once of their office buildings and the asset team asked DMA to include how it could be used for asset management.

DMA had piloted Activeplan on a healthcare project and introduced us to their client. It transpired that they were undergoing a merger to form a much larger Housing Association, Notting Hill Genesis and wanted as-built records of their offices so they commissioned Activeplan to take the O&M information they had and try and produce an AIM for each of their nine offices.

Activeplan took the floor plans and schedules and produced a basic data model for each site but, with Fredrick Chancellor, we took the Revit models into Activeplan and created a COBie data model that allows the asset team to update the information without having to learn how to use Revit or any 3D modelling application.

Genesis had bought a lot of new furniture so Activeplan created a Product Library of what had been purchased, enabling Genesis to understand what a Digital O&M or AIM could provide them.

Project Details
  • Client: The Frederick Chancellor Building
  • Date: 01/01/2001
  • Skill: Revit, AutoCAD, COBie


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