Project Description

Russells Hall Hospital in Dudley is a 900-bed acute hospital, built under a PFI Sir Robert McAlpine and managed by Interserve FM

The estates team needed a way to record all of the variations they had completed but the O&Ms had been delivered as a single 35gb pdf which could not be edited and updated.
They had records of that they had done and what they had maintained but they were in different applications and not coordinated.

Activeplan addressed this by reverse-engineering the O&M and as-built drawings to create a 2D spatial BIM model of 5727 spaces and integrate the asset, room data and O&M documents to remove the risk of penalties and make the facility safer.

Activeplan extracted the data from the room data sheets and provided the local team with the floor plan and related asset information on tablets so they undertake an asset survey of 50% of all spaces in the hospital and update the Room Data.
A comparison report could then be run which identified 8,000 additional items of FF&E that had been added to the spaces much of which had been added by the Trust unbeknown to Interserve, justifying increase payments for maintenance and energy consumption.

When Aecom undertook a lifecycle survey in 2016, Activeplan was able to populate KyKloud with the coordinated schedule of accommodation and asset data that enabled Aecom to better plan the survey and reduce the time it took by 20%.

Although the local team is able to make any changes to the records in the AIM, they have outsourced the updating to Activeplan, simplifying the process and ensuring it is done each quarter.

Working for Interserve’s Centre of Excellence, Activeplan developed interfaces to populate Maximo (and Concept) with asset libraries connected to maintenance procedures from several different libraries (their internally managed “blue book”, US Airforce and different variants of SFG20)

Interserve FM is now extending the use of Activeplan to coordinate O&M information for other PFI sites.

Project Details
  • Client: NHS Russells Hall Hospital Block A
  • Date: 30/05/2005
  • Skill: Revit, AutoCAD, COBie
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