Project Description

St Johns Hill is a 153-apartment residential development in London that was completed in 2016. Peabody engaged Activeplan to create a BIM platform they could use to create, manage and audit their Information Requirements for new projects.
To create the base libraries, Activeplan reverse-engineered drawings, schedules and manufacturers product information from a recently completed building to create a Digital version of the O&M as a COBie data model plus a library of asset types and products might be used on future schemes.
This included working with the Asset Teams in Peabody to understand what information was important to them, like traceability, and how it needed to be structured to populate their maintenance management applications.
It also demonstrated how landlords with existing estates can create cost-effective BIM models from their existing O&Ms, providing a baseline for surveys and future asset information capture.

Project Details
  • Client: HB1511
  • Date: 04/04/2016
  • Skill: Revit, AutoCAD, COBie
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