Project Description

Building 16 is the Building Research Establishment’s (BRE) flagship sustainable building, completed in 1995 and incorporating many of the technologies now considered common-place.
BRE is one of the leading BIM accreditation and consultancies and wanted an exemplar BIM model, so their BIM experts worked with Activeplan to create a Revit model from drawings and surveys and go through 25 year-old O&Ms and identify information about the products that had been installed.
Activeplan connected the Revit model with the asset data to create an Asset Information Model that the BRE could use in helping clients and their supply chains understand the benefits of BIM Level 2 to operators – and provide an example of Retro-BIM
They continue to test out innovative technologies such as sensors that read conditions in each of the spaces to inform operational effectiveness.

Project Details
  • Client: Building Research Establishment BRE
  • Date: 07/08/2017
  • Skill: Revit, AutoCAD, COBie
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