Project Description

Wallyford Primary School is an £18.9m development, completed in 2019, and is one of the largest Primary Schools in Scotland.

The project was a BIM Level 2 exemplar and delivered the school management team with a BIM model, a related COBie spreadsheet and a set of electronic O&M documents.

However, it was clear that the school’s maintenance team needed something more user-friendly so Scottish Futures Trust (SFT), established by the Scottish Government with a responsibility assisting the public sector adopt BIM commissioned Activeplan to integrate the Revit models and the COBie data into a federated asset information model that is easier to use.

While creating this AIM, it became clear that information the asset teams would have expected to find was not in the model – and it wasn’t easily found in the O&Ms either. This has now informed a new workstream to provide new projects with a clearer brief against which to deliver and a means for that information to be automatically tested to avoid gaps.

Project Details
  • Client: Wallyford Primary School
  • Date: 07/01/2019
  • Skill: Revit, AutoCAD, COBie


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