• Connecting up different Golden Threads

  • Providing real-time alerts of failures – and the implications

  • Reducing the number of manual inspections

This research project shows how manufacturers can use the Activeplan Asset Information Model to provide a live dashboard of their sensor data.

Smoke inhalation kills far more people than fire.

To reduce risk to tenants, there is now a requirement for smoke control systems to be inspected weekly.

In response, SE Controls, who manufacture Smoke Vents/AOVs, have developed a new product that includes a sensor that triggers an alert when it hasn’t closed properly, indicating that it may not reopen when called upon to evacuate smoke.

The AOV will be one of several measures the landlord has in place to protect tenants, so it helps the asset team if they can see those alerts from different systems in the context of the whole Asset Information Model.

This is a great example of Activeplan removing the information silos.