The Golden Thread: Existing Buildings

Its never too late to start constructing your Golden Thread

The Golden Thread requires a Digital Record to be created and maintained for both new and existing buildings. The Activeplan platform has been delivering this for many years, and we have the experience to deal with the inevitable complexity it entails.


  • Provide explicit, auditable information requirements

  • Enable direct connection to the authoring applications

  • Propose preferred product for key assets

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  • Create basic data containers for each property in each estate.

  • Different teams upload the information they have against buildings and spaces inc 360° photo

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  • SMEs add detail like fire plans and asset specifications.

  • FMs add their special detail to connect with their other applications

  • Use 360° to identify and add asset data

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  • Validate the asset data

  • Report any missing information and assign responsibility

  • Compare 360° with asset lists and inspections

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