Digital Records

The PIM contains the federated 3D model, a fully integrated COBie data model and an Asset Information Model/Digital O&M for Clients and asset managers to manage the building. Includes:

The necessary pdf documents that are included in a traditional O&M – plus:

  • All the assets that were installed

  • Where those assets are

  • If they are part of a system

  • What that system includes and which spaces it is supporting

It also includes all the data that was initially “”required”” which can be structured in a way that enables its being used to populate other applications. It includes a library of the products that were installed, the data for which can be maintained by the manufacturers.

Activeplan’s PIM starts to generate the Digital O&M from Stage 3, capturing the spatial data from models or layouts to create the geography required by asset management systems. During Stage 5 and 6, the room/space data, the assets installed in each space and the systems of which they form part are imported and federated to create an evolving Digital O&M.

Trade contractors and suppliers can automatically populate supplied data templates from their own applications or from Activeplan’s Product Library

Warranties, recommended procedures, risks and lifecycle information is automatically provided

Design manager/installer has more time to focus on the context specific risks/instructions

PIM automatically reports any missing information with the supplier provided with data templates or online forms to complete the task.

The Digital O&M can also be generated as a complete pdf document.

Any updates/changes post-handover are easily made and, if required, a revised pdf document generated.