Data Validation

Ensure the Digital asset is as defect-free as the Physical asset

Just as the delivery of the Physical facility is expected to be defect-free, incomplete or incorrect information in the Digital facility is now considered a defect, so Main Contractors need to make it easier for supply chains to ensure they are providing valid and verifiable information.

Activeplan’s Validator is a Cloud service that validates individual COBie files against the BS, ISO or project standards, reports any deficiencies and provides instructions of how to correct the defects.

In enabling easy validation at every stage of the design and delivery process, Validator maximises the value of COBie and helps to educate BIM authors on requirements. The contractor’s Information Manager only receives validated files, so cutting down time spent resolving mistakes and allowing them to address more challenging issues.

It forms the first part of Activeplan’s 3 step validation and verification process.

1) Unit test each individual COBie file from each author by submitting it to the Validator

2) Federate the (many) validated files in the PIM to ensure they all coordinate properly

3) Use the PIMs Digital Asset Capture feature to compare 360° photos with the Model and the COBie.


  • Validator can be configured to support client-defined customised requirements

  • BIM authors can get an immediate report that tells them what needs correcting

  • Validated COBie files are imported into the PIM, so the Digital O&M starts to form from Stage 3

  • FMs are able to start planning mobilisation much earlier