This data dictionary enables you to build a dataset once and apply it many times in many applications.

This is a tool to create standardized data templates for facilities, spaces, systems and assets – and provides the means to relate multiple different classifications to “things” – types of assets, products, systems, spaces, buildings etc – reflecting the context within which different classifications may apply for the same asset type – e.g., a door.

It is a Data Dictionary that provides access to multiple template types with implementation of the buildingSMART IFC 4x schema including IFC Types, Property Sets, Quantity Sets and attributes along with measures and unit types including a standard list of measures, unit types and enumerators.

It enables experts from the wider industry to collaborate and share expertise to arrive at optimized data sets for any asset type.
The user can:

  • Map templates to a selection of Classification systems including Uniclass 2015, NRM and Omniclass.

  • Search based upon the BuildingSMART Data Dictionary and Uniclass 2015

  • Export formats for Templates as either COBie SPie, Excel, Word or Json

It has been described as providing a “Rosetta Stone” that translates information about BIM objects and other “things”.