ActiveCOBie – BIM Level 2 Management


  • Get immediate and easy to understand Asset Information Model
  • Build BIM data with drawings and schedules arriving at different stages in the CAPEX process
  • Make better decisions with integrated spatial and non-spatial data and documents
  • Get easy to update Asset data with revisions/additions
  • Get easy to identify broken connections/relationships


  • Read and view COBie data models
  • Navigate COBie as a spatial model
  • Get support of COBie updating/incrementing support schedules and drawings
  • Provide the coordinated COBie as O&M
  • Allow updates to the data or the files
  • Locate assets in spaces
  • Get product-type, manufacturer and instance data
  • Get maintenance, spares and warranty information


  • FM Contractors
  • Clients
  • Designers
  • Contractors
  • Consultants

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