We reduce the cost/risk of gathering the information

We eliminate the additional cost of adding data to a 3D model

If the data is already in the model, excellent, we use it but, if non-geometric data is available in other applications, like Excel, we can take the data and create a fully integrated asset information model

We make it simple for specialist contractors/suppliers to deliver their information

Other than M&E, few specialist subcontractors use 3D modelling applications, so their data is often added to the BIM by a designer who might not be familiar with the specialist’s detail and commonly isn’t being paid to do it – so mistakes can easily happen.

We believe experts should retain control their information, so we take the data directly from them and apply it to the Asset Information Model, including validating its integrity and reporting where it fails. They are then able to easily correct it in the applications with which they are familiar and resubmitit.

We ensure the data is checked and validated as it is provided

The nature of projects means that many specialists are only engaged for a short duration, so it is important to validate their data whilst those with the knowledge of the project are still available.

This is called “Progressive Assurance” and enables the client and their supply chain to avoid the risks of incomplete information being discovered too late. 

Having a defined Asset Information Requirement (AIR) is vital for this.

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