We reduce risk of litigation by ensuring facilities remain safe

We help to ensure that all vital information you
need is there – and coordinated

FM is often out-sourced, and many clients have become disconnected from the process of managing their assets. If KPIs are met, they don’t need to know more – until something goes wrong.  Perhaps there is an incident and they learn that they still carry liabilities (if only reputational) or the outsourced contractor disappears – along with some important detailed asset information.

The client-led Asset Information Requirements (AIR) enables the team to focus on ensuring all the necessary data has been provided, including any need to coordinate it with other data sets e.g. plant with systems with spaces and activities. Any break in those relationships could present a risk.

The Asset Information Requirements (AIR) can also inform asset surveys for condition, lifecycle or safety, giving clear and comparable standards for data capture and reporting.

We enable variations and updates to be recorded and audited

The Asset Information Model (AIM) is easily updated, either directly in the case of non-geometric data (most of the changes) or via authoring tools like Revit or AutoCAD, if the geometry has changed.

We assign each space with the activities it is safe/suitable to support

Spaces in the Asset Information Model are “intelligent” and “know” what activities each space is designed to support.  In a clinical setting, where an activity requires special environmental conditions, those seeking an available room can be informed automatically as to the suitability of spaces – and avoid ones which are possibly unsafe.

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