We enable clients to deliver more or better services
with fewer or better assets

We enable clients understand
which services are being delivered from which facilities

Many clients with large estates have little information about what services are being delivered from each building. This leads to more buildings than Service Providers need and higher estates costs, reducing the available funds to improve the facilities.

ActivePlan can start at the macro level, creating a coordinated estates model from the many other software databases used by different organisations/departments and using that identify properties are duplicated in different applications.

We use that consolidated database of properties to identify which service-providers are using which properties and how intensively, creating an estates capacity model.  A service demand model of required numbers of activities and the types of space they require is created and compared against the estates capacity mode.

This modelling reveals where there are too few or too many care settings in a location, enabling better service-led planning.

We help improve utilisation of
each space to create more capacity

ROOM is an activity-based room booking system which is more than a conventional room booking application in that it is “intelligent”, allowing you to assign against each spacewhat activities/treatments it is suitable/safe to support.

This can be used to avoid the issue of services “owning” rooms that they don’t use 100% and, in the case of one of our larger clients in Norfolk, the control of all rooms was transferred to the estates team and the service providers only booked rooms when they needed them.

This increased utilisation substantially and has provided them with the means to automate service-line reporting.

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