Requirements specification and procurement

The Digital Asset should be as defect-free as the Physical Asset. AP AIR enables that.
To ensure the asset team gets the information it needs, this asset Information Requirements Platform:

This is the true commencement of the Golden Thread

a) the client specifying what information they require and how it should be delivered in a machine-readable format to ensure it can be automatically verified and later updated.

b) the main contractor enhancing those requirements with additional information they require from the supply chain, allocating the specific information packages to individual firms and the work stage at which it should be delivered.

To ensure the asset team gets the information it needs, this asset Information Requirements Platform:`

  • Comes pre-built with a collection of asset types that we’d expect may be installed, along with their Uniclass reference.

  • Can switch off any attributes not required for this project

  • Enables required attributes and documents to be automatically validated.

  • Produces work package specific information requirements and the work stage at which we expect it.


Unlike standard practice where the information requirements are simply documents, Activeplan’s AIR is in a COBie-compliant Cloud database with add-ins for BIM that allow authors to integrate their models with the data requirements.

Given asset teams will need more detailed information than is ever put into models, Activeplan’s AIR generates Excel templates that installers and specialist suppliers can use to provide their own COBie submissions.

To make this simpler, Activeplan provides a set of industry standard data templates and dictionaries for managing project and asset data, that can be customised to reflect client-specific requirements.

Activeplan standardises and validates asset information into a coherent format that enables reusable and consistent output.

By enabling the Client to provide their supply chain with an explicit set of information requirements, it is much easier for appointed parties to assign Data Templates by work package. By providing the tools and processes to author machine-readable information, the delivered information can be automatically validated, saving time and risk.

Generates a coordinated set of auditable Asset Information Requirements for specific projects

  • Can be used within designer’s and contractor’s software own applications

  • Manages versions of the Client’s AIR, providing a record of updates

In BIM terms, Activeplan’s AIR provides the solid foundations on which the OIR, AIR and PIR aspects of ISO 19560 are built.