So, this is how COBie looks is a proper database application in Activeplan

The data from each of the COBie tabs is here and the dashboard allows the maintenance manager in the school to drill into asset types and see what's in the digital O&M

The user interface allows him to scroll through find products by their appearance

and he might need to replace a smoke detector so he opens up the product information of the specific model that was installed which contains the detail about what he needs to order

He can also look up the system it forms part of which includes where everything’s installed that can be presented as a simple floor plan showing all the devices on the floor so you can find the model of the device that's in that room and where else they may be installed

He can click on that because it's an active plan to get the product information and in this case the contractor hasn't provided the warranty information but that's easily added through forms or spreadsheets with no Revit skills

We’ve got the manufacturer's product details and we can also see that this missing information in terms of installation date and warranties

The school might have a problem with its heating so the facilities manager who's looking after several schools might need the model number of that particular boiler

Part of the Activeplan solution is a content management system called the product library that connects with other web-based library services

It’s a networked application that allows merchants and manufacturers to populate it with their product information and keep it up to date

it can automatically record which buildings across the estate have that same model installed, so the FM's have a number of different ways of finding the product information they need

Schedules with floor plans, data sheets  and private libraries but you might ask how that’s tied back to 3D models

As I explained earlier Autodesk forge is a tool that we use to federate many of the BIM models that are produced for any building

They include objects that might have some data behind them but if you actually look here as we query it, there is a lot missing and that is principally because this model has been created by designers and they don't contain much information about the products that were actually installed

You see here the Cobie information is pretty well empty and that's where the Activeplan database comes in

So, by bringing the forge model into the Activeplan database we're connecting automatically the elements to the data so the data is then connected to the model, but we can also create a number of saved views but make it easy for people to come along and navigate and find the information that they need

So, again we got plan views

We've got schedules and

We've got floor plans

and in this 3D model we can also navigate through to the boiler house and just as we were able to click on the floor plan, we can click on the object in 3D model and it goes in queries the database the data in the cloud does being managed find the specialists

And we can hold a photograph that’s perhaps been picked up during a survey and also checkout any information is missing.

This Inter connectivity uses web data services so Inter operation with any other applications the school might use is very easily setup

So as you’ve seen, seen the way we hold Cobie data allows us to generate floor plans directly from the database that's how we get the web based interactive floor plans

Another bonus of holding the BIM data in the activeplan Microsoft database is that it can be democratised and form part of the wider management reporting function

Many organisations are now using Microsoft power BI but I don't think many of them have got interactive floor plans. This is a really easy way for people to understand how spaces are being used and the way they inter-relate with other spaces.

Having looked at the property by drilling into a spatial model, we can come up from the detailed information about each department and the spaces within them.

The activeplan COBie database is able to present the relationship between the floors, the spaces they contain, the systems that support them and the assets in each system – and space.

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