• Builds a dataset once and apply it many times
  • Improves the quality/consistency of attributes
  • Finds assets easily by ensuring apples can be compared with apples
  • Achieves collective, expert agreement of required information
  • Ensures delivered information is standardised/searchable

Product libraries

  • Provides contractors/owners with reliable records of which products were installed on their projects
  • Simplifies the gathering of product information
  • Future-proofs asset information
  • Simplifies and reduces the cost of producing of O&M data
  • Simplifies inter-operability with other applications
  • Provides manufacturers with a record of where their products were used
  • Improves the procurement process, transforming into a digital mode
  • Helps specialists produce Tech Submissions and Data Sheets for O&M

Asset Information Requirements

  • Defines exactly what information you need from a project team
  • Delivers it in a format that is easy for them to deliver against
  • Saves requirements as library objects to be reviewed and reused
  • Includes facility types, spaces, systems, asset types and products
  • Ensures required data has been provided
  • Ensures delivered information is standardised/searchable


  • Enables supply chain to self-test data prior to submission
  • Reduces time spent checking
  • Reduces risk of incomplete/missing information
  • Avoids risk-transfer by more transparent information

Project Information Model

  • Ensures the project team is working with coordinated data
  • Integrates geometric models with data models
  • Enables the commercial teams to contribute more effectively

Asset Information Model

  • Gives a coordinated model of O&M and PPM assets for CAFM
  • Offers the means to keep the records constantly updated
  • Enables search to find asset data
  • Delivers a single version of the truth


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